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How to Manage and Optimize a Facebook Page Guide

Facebook pages are excellent tools for sharing content with other users and, potentially, they could prove to be a real job. Recall that Facebook is the most chosen social network by users all over the world, thanks to its many features.

Building a successful page, however, requires a bit of effort. Today, in this article, we will explain how to manage this resource and grow organically on Facebook.

How to Create a Facebook Page?

Creating a new page on Facebook is quick and easy. To do this, you will need:

  • Go to the “” screen;
  • Choose the type of page, among those available;
  • Choose a unique, attractive name that reflects your business;
  • Select a category, paying attention that it is correct (there are really many options);
  • Choose a profile picture and fill in all the other information;
  • Invite your friends to “like” it.

From now on, the page is available: you can immediately start sharing posts.

How to Change The Profile Picture and The Cover

The profile image is one of the most important elements, since it allows you to immediately capture the attention of fans. Precisely for this reason, you will have to pay close attention and choose a valid image. To replace the current photo you will need:

  • Log in to your Facebook account by entering your email and password;
  • Go to the page to be modified (you can also do it with the specific menu item located at the top);
  • Move the mouse over the profile image;
  • Click on the camera icon and choose “Change profile picture”;
  • Select the image you like most.

To replace the cover image instead, that is the larger one you find at the top, you will need to move the mouse pointer over the current one and click on “Edit”. Here you can make several choices:

  • Choose from the photos: you can select a cover image already present on the Facebook page;
  • Choose from videos: select a movie;
  • Create a slideshow: select multiple images;
  • Upload photo: to insert a new image on your computer;
  • Reposition: to change the position of the image;
  • Remove: to leave this field empty (not recommended).

The Size of Facebook Images

Remember that it is important, to avoid important quality losses, to choose images with the correct size. Each element requires specific sizes. In particular:

  • Cover: 820 x 312 pixels.
  • Profile photo: at least 170 x 170 pixels. You can however choose a size of 1,200 x 1,200 pixels, which Facebook will then automatically scale according to the device.
  • Facebook post: 1,200 x 900 pixels.

You can also choose images in JPG format, but the ideal would be to have PNG photos.

How to Grow a Facebook Page

Do you already have a Facebook page and would like to increase the number of followers? Don’t worry, with these guidelines you will be able to achieve this in a short time and without spending too many resources.

Make sure to carefully choose a category and publish related content. An example? If your page talks about technology you could get good results by sharing a video dedicated to a smartphone, but you should avoid sharing cooking posts.

Remember that the key to success is consistency: regularly publish quality content, avoiding posts that may not be of interest to your audience. In this way, your engagement will remain high. You will need to spread content that can generate interactions. Examples are images and videos, which are instantly recognized by users. Also if you own a blog you could consider the automatic sharing of your new articles: the easiest and free way is through the IFTTT recipes, which we have been using successfully for years!

A great way to acquire new “likes” is to use advertising: choose a budget (you can also start with little money), write a valid advertising message, select some images / videos, choose your target (paying close attention) and share this advertising on days when there is a greater amount of active users.

How to Change The Name of A Facebook Page

It is not uncommon for managers of a page to decide to change their account name. The reasons could be different: it no longer reflects the category chosen, the shop has changed its name, a typo or a sudden change of mind. Whatever the reason, today we will also explain how to change the name of your Facebook page.

By opening Facebook you will notice that the user interface has changed, becoming more intuitive, simple and modern. Head to your page, go down and select “Page Settings”.

In the sidebar there is an item containing the text “Page information”: you will need to click on this element.

Here you can make some changes. Heading to the “General” area you will find a box flanked by the wording “Name”. There you can make the change and, immediately after, click on “Save”.

Check the name carefully and only when you are sure of your modification click on “Request modification”. Remember that you will be able to change the name again after a few days, so make sure you are not wrong.

On this screen, Facebook will also notify you that the team is currently verifying your request: if the name complies with the community guidelines, the change will be accepted. Remember that it can take up to 3 days, and during this time, your followers will receive a notification telling them that the page has changed their name.

If you do not see this option, it is likely that you do not have the permissions to make this change: contact another admin and ask him to change the name.

How to Delete And Suspend a Page

Things don’t always go the right way. Did you not manage to make your flight fly to your Facebook page or do you still want to deactivate it for any other reason? Again the procedure is quick and takes a few minutes. Remember that the change is often not reversible.

Also in this case, you will have to access your Facebook profile, go to the page to be deleted and click on “Page settings”.

Temporarily Pause a Page

If you only want to hide the page, in order to keep all the data and reactivate it at any time, you will have to go to the “Page visibility” area.

The tick should be placed on “Published page”. To change this option, simply choose the other hypothesis, or “Unpublished page”. Remember, immediately after, to click on “Save”.

Facebook will now ask you the reason for this choice: choose the option that best reflects your specific case and click on “Next”. To complete the procedure, simply click on “Cancel publication”.

In this first case, it will be possible to reactivate the Facebook page at any time, without risking that even a single post has been lost. To reactivate it, go to the page and click on “Publish page”, a blue button located at the top.

Permanently Remove a Page

If you are sure you no longer want to reactivate the page, you can decide to permanently delete it. After doing this, you will not be able to recover the data in any way. To do this, in the “General” section, you will need to click on “Remove page”.

Click once more on “Permanently delete [page name]”, that is the blue text.

Being a drastic choice, Facebook will ask you once again if you are sure: to allow click on “Delete”. The Facebook page has now been permanently deleted. Remember that sometimes it takes a few days before the procedure is complete.


Today we discovered how to manage, edit and delete a Facebook page. It is a very useful tool, where you can share photos, thoughts, articles, links and videos. Remember to keep under control also the personal profile with which you manage the page: immediately discover the list of elements to be removed.